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The Wuzzles
Title: The Wuzzles
Air Dates: September 14, 1985 - December 7, 1985
Episodes: 13 Episodes
Company: Disney
Created By: Michael Eisner


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Theme Song
The Wuzzles Theme Song

"Here in the Land of Wuz, they're havin' twice the fun!
'Cuz every single thing is really two-in-one!
A little bit of this... a little bit of that!
And when you add it up you get a lot of laughs!
Oooh they got originality - driven with a split personality!
'We're the Wuzzles' (Ooooooooh, yeah!)
'We're the Wuzzles' (Oooh oh, yeah!)
Two times the fun, wrapped up and rolled into one!
Oooh they got originality - living with a split personality!
We're the Wuzzles (Ooooooooh, yeah!)
We're the Wuzzles (Oooh oh, yeah!)
Two times the fun, wrapped up in one!"
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