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Title: Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle
Air Date(s): September 11th, 1976
Episodes: 36 - 4 seasons
Runtime: 30 minutes
Company: Filmation studio
Created By: Edgar Rice Burroughs

The jungle; here I was born; and here my parents died when I was but an infant. I would have soon perished, too, had I not been found by a kindly she-ape named Kala, who adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of the wild. I learned quickly, and grew stronger each day, and now I share the friendship and trust of all jungle animals. The jungle is filled with beauty, and danger; and lost cities filled with good, and evil. This is my domain, and I protect those who come here; for I am Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

Character Voice Actor
Tarzan Robert Ridgely
Fana the Huntress Linda Gary
N'Kima Lou Scheimer
Phobeg Ted Cassidy
Queen Nermone DJoan Gerber
Thai Hettie Lynne Hurtes
Tomos Alan Oppenheimer
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