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Title: Spiderman and his Amazing friends
Air Dates: 9/12/1981 - 1983
Episodes: 24 Episodes
Company: Marvel Productions Ltd.
Created By: Marvel Comics

Character Voice Actor
Aunt May June Foray
Colossus John Stephenson
Chameleon Hans Conried
Cyclops Neil Ross
Doctor Octopus Michael Bell
Firestar/Angelica Jones Kathy Garver
Flash Thompson Frank Welker
The Hulk Peter Cullen
Ice Man/Bobby Drake Frank Welker
J. Jonah Jameson Bill Woodson
The Kingpin Walker Edmiston
Mr. Frump Alan Young
Ms. Lion Frank Welker
Norman Osborn Neil Ross
The Sandman Chris Latta
Spiderman/Peter parker Dan Gilvezan
Thunderbird John Stephenson
Uncle ben John Stephenson
Uncle jin Ju Keye Luke
The Vision Frank Welker
Additional Voices Bob Bergen
Alan Dinehart
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